Proyecto Cerco Eléctrico Ganadero. El Maule 2017

Proyecto Cerco Eléctrico Ganadero. El Maule 2017

El Maule 2017. If there’s been one thing about the solar energy that reduced, this must be the end-price for a solar panel unit and the overall drastic decrease in operational costs for residential solar energy systems

… Still, despite these, the end customer needs a..

The UK government proved once again that it’s not that conservative. By accepting the progressive renewable energy in


There’s still 14 days of the fundraising campaign to go but the last count was £2,975,577, way ahead of their initial target. The support isn’t just financial, as their Indiegogo site and related educational videos on an environmental cause went viral and attracted about 25 million views on YouTube!

The husband and wife are originally a pair of designers from Midlands, in the UK say their trademark panels would pay for themselves over time and provide clean, eco-friendly and renewable green energy.

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